My name is Christina Harrell and I am a certified massage therapist, certified doula and mother of three, living in Darby, Montana. I love doing massage, being a doula, and being a mother. I would say I have three of the best jobs in the whole world!


I graduated in 1999 from Starfire Massage School and Healing Center in Missoula, MT. I have practiced full time in Darby, MT since 2001. I am also a Certified Birth Doula. I received my training through DONA (Doulas of North America) in November 2003 and became certified in May 2006. Since my training, I have attended births, encompassing home, hospital, natural, medicated, scheduled cesarean birth and emergency cesarean birth scenarios.

I have had one hospital and two home births myself.  All of them being unique and special.

I believe that birth is normal and can be a natural and profoundly moving experience.  I help educate women and their partners on different procedures and interventions so the benefits and risks are understood. I provide information and resources so my clients can make informed choices. Working with this information I help my clients to develop a birth plan that reflects their individual needs and wishes. We discuss the usual progression of labor and become familiar with equipment, positions, and techniques the mother-to-be may encounter during birth. I help the partner to be included in labor and birth as much as they would like to be. I hope to be a calm and reassuring presence in the room. It is my goal that a birthing woman and her partner feel the beauty and power that comes with the birth of a baby.